[BOM-SHEL] | 2011
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1.The Truth

2.Destroy Me

3.TH15 M34N5 W4R


5.Air Raid

6.Gun Metal

7.Leaving All Hope Behind

8.Fade Away

9.Pleurent La Perte De

10.Armed With A Gun

11.No Time To Turn Back

12.From The Ashes

1.AWAG ( Remix)

1.The Truth (Remix)

2.TH15 M34N5 W4R (Demo)

2.Destroy Me (Calibrate Remix)

3.AWAG (Demo Version)

3.TH15 M34N5 W4R (Debri Remix)

4.No Time To Turn Back (Bleedout remix)

4.Destroy me (Broke remix)

5.AWAG (Man Down Remix)

5.TH15 M34N5 W4R (Demolished remix)

6.No Time To Turn Back (Metal remix)

6.Destroy Me (Fuzzy Math Remix)

7.Armed To The Teeth (Remix)

7.No Time To Turn Back (SWFTWLF remix)

8.Destroy Me (We're All Destroyed Remix)

9.Destroy me (Minimum Destruction Remix)

20.I Can't Let You Go (RWH Remix)