12/21/2019 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo is excited to announce we have partnered with TLG Management and TAG Publicity for our upcoming releases! 2020 is going to be exciting!
12/10/2019 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo is starting to book for March and April 2020. If you want to see us in your town let us know. If want to book us contact us at! We cant wait to see you all in a few months!
10/26/2018 | Tak Kitara
RWH is excited to announced that we have signed with Curtain Call Records!
10/8/2018 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo is excited to formally announce the addition of Robert Harrington III to the line up. Rob is formally of Florida based act, Such is Life and Kansas City based acts, ShadowSin and Solus. Rob has been filling in on live guitar for the last few months and has solidified his place in RWH with his unbelievable guitar lines, pure determination, professionalism, years of experience and energy.

Razorwire Halo's family just got a little bit bigger and a lot more unbelievable. New music is on the way and we cannot wait for everyone to see whats next.
8/2/2018 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo is excited to officially announce the addition of Eric Forder to the line up on drums. Eric is formally of Watching the Fall, In the Shadow and Scars Do Tell. Eric has been filling in on drums for the last few weeks and has solidified his place in RWH with his years of experience, dedication, energy and killer drum lines.
7/5/2018 | Skylar Kitara
Razorwire Halo is starting to announce dates for their Summer/Fall tour. Visit the tour section for all upcoming confirmed dates.
6/14/2018 | Tak Kitara
This Saturday Razorwire Halo live in Algona, IA at Lifers with Motograter, As We Are, Ugly and Mixed Company!
5/30/2018 | Tak KItara
This Sunday Razorwire Halo live in Fort Worth, TX at The Rail Club with Dead Horse Trauma, Lydia Can't Breathe
5/21/2018 | Tak Kitara
This Saturday! Razorwire Halo live in Hutchinson, KS at The Rusty Needle Sports Bar and Lounge and Lounge with Humanity Ai!
5/20/2018 | Tak Kitara
This Friday! Razorwire Halo live in Omaha, NE at Wired Pub & Gril with Fallen Reign Band, Evolution and Superman's Hero!!!
3/25/2018 | Tak Kitara
RWH live in Kansas City, MO at The Riot Room with 3Teeth on 4.21.18!
3/23/2018 | Tak Kitara
New Review released for the new RWH E.P., "Retaliate" by Moshville Times UK - View Review
3/20/2018 | Tak Kitara
Tak Kitara of RWH had a chance to site down with Music Matters Magazine to discuss all things RWH - View Interview
3/20/2018 | Tak KItara
Razorwire Halo is the featured "Band of the Day" for Moshville Times UK. RWH had a chance to sit down and discuss the new E.P. and a little bit about themsleves - View Interview
3/18/2018 | Tak Kitara
New tshirt designs are ready and have been sent off to press
3/13/2018 | Tak Kitara
Another great review for our upcoming album, "Retaliate" and our live show! -

View Interview
3/12/2018 | Tak Kitara
We can't thank everyone enough for taking the time to listen to our new album. Check out the review link. We are beyond excited for our fans to hear "Retaliate"! - View Review
3/11/2018 | Tak Kitara
Reviews are starting to come back for Razorwire Halo's upcoming release "Retaliate"! - View Review
3/9/2018 | Tak Kitara
For all our UK fans, Razorwire Halo will be on Ancient Visionz today at:
UK: 8-10pm UK, Europe: 9-11pm CET
US: 3-5pm EST, 2-4pm CST, 12-2pm Pacific, 1-3pm Mountain

Click to visit Acient Visionz site
3/8/2018 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo's latest single "Sweat" will be broadcasted March 9th and March 11th on the french radio station DECIBELS OVERDOSE
2/13/2018 | Skylar Kitara
New Single, "Sweat" is now available!
2/10/2018 | Tak Kitara
New tour dates announced!
2/7/2018 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo will release their next single on 2.13.2018
2/2/2018 | Tak Kitara
New 2018 live promo video released! Watch live promo video
1/30/2018 | Tak Kitara
New 2018 tour dates announced!
11/28/2017 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo is proud to announce that we have partnered with TAG Publicity for all upcoming album releases and tour promotion. This partnership will help us reach new fans, open new doors and grow as a band. We look forward to this new partnership with Tom George, Allyson Song River Jaynes and everyone at TAG publicity.
11/21/2017 | Tak Kitara
RWH's latest single titled "Resist" is out now!!!
11/15/2017 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo will be releasing their next single on 11.21.17.
10/11/2017 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo will be returning to Fort Smith, AR for a new years eve show with our good friends in The Violet Hour!
8/5/2017 | Tak Kitara
Our Kansas City date for 8/28 has been postponed and will be rescheduled for a later date. More info to come!
7/8/2017 | Darrell Trussell
Fall tour dates are starting to be announced. Check the tour section to see the announced dates.
7/5/2017 | Tak Kitara
10.24.2017.... Retaliate.
3/15/2017 | Skylar Kitara
New dates have been added to the Spring tour!
2/6/2017 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo has released a new single titled "Failed Empire". Which includes demos and alternate versions to tracks released on "New Empire". The single is free to download in the discography section.
1/25/2017 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo is set to release their next album on 3.31.17 and will be titled "Retaliate". More details to come!
12/30/2016 | Tak Kitara
Happy New Year!

Announcing the official release of [Razorwire_Halo]'s new music video for "Never Look Back" off our latest album, #newEmpire.

Please let us know what you think and share with your friends! Thanks!

Video Directors: Kenn Little / Tak Kitara
Video Production and editing: Kenn Little of A Ghost In Every Room
Site Location: Warp Drive Studios courtesy of Greg Chaffee
Site photographer: Krystal Marie of Krystal Marie Designs
Behind the scenes video and stills: Drew Greer
12/12/2016 | Tak Kitara
We have begun officially booking for our Spring tour! Let us know if you would like to book us or want to see us in your town. We will start announcing dates in January!
10/31/2016 | Skylar Kitara
Razorwire Halo has begun booking dates for our Spring 2016 tour! check back soon for date announcements!
10/30/2016 | Tak Kitara
We just finished up our latest photo shoot. Images to come soon!
10/24/2016 | Tak Kitara
Just Announced! Razorwire_Halo live with Skold November 8th in Omaha, NE! Presale tickets are only $10!!
7/26/2016 | Tak Kitara
We had an amazing time on the road with our friends in Spence! We will get back out on the road soon and can't wait to get to hang out with all our new fans and friends on the road!
6/29/2016 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo's 10th full length album is out now! You can listen to the album in its entirety in the audio section and can be purchased from the store section.
5/23/2016 | Tak Kitara
RWH is proud to announce their July tour with Spence. Check the tour page to see all the details.
5/1/2016 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo is working on finalizing our Summer tour dates for July. If everything gets locked in we will be crossing 11 state lines across 24 days with some really good friends of ours. More details to come when available.
1/11/2016 | Tak Kitara
Like most of you guys, we were shocked and saddened deeply with the news this morning of the passing of David Bowie. His influence and impact on this world, not just the music world, can't really be put into words.

RWH started to record a cover song a few weeks ago, and we were quiet about what song it was. It only seems fitting to let you know now the song was/is "I'm Afraid of Americans". We hope to give much respect to David Bowie with this cover and we hope you enjoy it when it's finished. Until then, let's keep listening to Bowie.
12/31/2015 | Tak Kitara
Our new single "Never Look Back" has been just been released! Click Here to view details and download the free digital single.
12/31/2015 | Tak Kitara
Happy New Year! Razorwire_Halo is excited to debut our latest Single, "Never Look Back"! You can download the entire single for free directly from our Store Section. The single features the new single track, "Never Look Back". A new RWH track titled "Reborn" and remixes from musicians around the U.S. Please help spread the word and share the new single or send people to our Official website! Thanks and we hope everyone has a great new year! 2016 will bring our new album, "New Empire" and a new spring and fall tour.
11/2/2015 | Tak Kitara
Two surprise shows have been announced! Kansas City, MO (11.20.15) and Springfield, MO (11.21.2015)
8/17/2015 | Tak Kitara
The RWH After the Fall Tour will kick off again this coming Friday in Dallas, TX. Check the tour section to see when we are coming to your city!
8/14/2015 | Tak Kitara
The studio session has ended for the first phase of the new RWH album. Keep an eye out for the first single coming very soon.
7/8/2015 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo is proud to announce that they have partnered with Marc Jordan. Marc will be the producer for the next RWH album and we couldn’t be more excited to get into the studio this August and get some new music out to everyone!
7/2/2015 | Tak Kitara
We are confirming tour dates for this Aug, Sept and Oct now. Check out our tour section to keep up to date! Many more dates will be announced soon!
5/1/2015 | Tak Kitara
Help get us on stage at 98.9 The Rock's ROCKFEST!

Here's the info: Between May 1st and May 15th you can vote for us once a day from the the address below. Each vote gets us that much closer to playing Rockfest.

Be sure to vote for us on the page and leave a comment letting the world know what you think of us! Thanks everyone! We can never succeed without you!

click to vote

We appreciate your time and helping us.
4/15/2015 | Tak Kitara
Just announced! Razorwire_Halo will be hitting the road with Spence again this Summer. More information and a full city list coming soon. We can't wait to rock the hell out of some cities with Spence!
3/29/2015 | Tak Kitara
Welcome to RWH's revamped official website. The new site is mobile ready and we will be adding new content and features on a regular basis. Check back often!
2/17/2015 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo is proud to announce that Keith Hirschman will be signing on to be the new RWH drummer. We have known Keith for several years now and know that he will rock the hell out of the drums for us. Keith has over 20 years experience in the music industry and has worked with many amazing artists such as 16 volt and his current project Black December. Click the link below, give his page a “like” and let him know how you feel about him joining up with RWH!
12/23/2014 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo will be hitting the road in February with Spence. Check the tour section to see all upcoming dates. More dates are being added check back often to see when we are coming to your city.
12/3/2014 | Tak Kitara
We have begun setting March dates for our 2015 Spring tour. More info coming soon!
12/2/2014 | Tak Kitara
"After the Fall" has been released visit the audio section to listen and purchase the album. Digital downloads are only $5 and Physical CDs are only $12, shipping included.
12/1/2014 | Skylar Kitara
Razorwire Halo will be on the Big Dumb Fun Show tonight, December 1st at 8:30PM CST to talk about their new album "After the Fall" and debut a couple tracks from it. Tune in here:
11/30/2014 | Darrell Trussell
Razorwire Halo will be on The Take Over tonight at 7:30PM CST to discuss their new album and debut two tracks from it.
Listen here:
11/9/2014 | Tak Kitara
We are now accepting pre orders for our new album “After the Fall”. Click the link below to pre order your physical copy for only $12 with free shipping. Pre orders will ship on 12/2/2014 and you will also receive a digital copy of the album on that day.

pre order album
10/24/2014 | Tak Kitara
Here is the official track listing for our upcoming album "After the Fall".
1. remember what we are
2. adrift
3. haunted
4. infinite space
5. a familiar feeling
6. home
7. after the fall
8. repeat
9. everything to lose
10. save the hero
11. away
12. doubt
13. a defining moment
14. the calm

10/22/2014 | Tak Kitara
Here is our latest released track "Haunted" on youtube!

Click to listen
10/11/2014 | Tak Kitara
It's really interesting how the placement of a track on an album can destroy or tie an album together. One of the biggest struggles for "After the Fall" has been how to bring the entire album to an end. I have felt like the line up of the first 5 tracks is perfect and really captures you as you listen. The problem with the last half has been a disconnect of continuity of feeling between tracks and honestly I started feeling like a couple were just becoming filler for the album. Filler tracks on an album are never good. Every song we place on an album should have a purpose. I would rather release a 5 track album full of great tracks than a 15 track album with 5 great tracks. So with that said we decided to toss out a third of the tracks for the album and have been writing new tracks to replace those. Here is were we stand. 10 tracks are completely recorded and are just waiting on final mastering. 2 tracks are just needed the vocals recorded and we need to record one more track to complete the album. These changes have pushed back the albums release but for a good reason. We want to bring you the best music and albums we can. We are looking at a November release now. More details to come on that. We will release the track names and the artwork soon. Pre-orders will be available on our site as soon as the album is sent to the print shop. We are excited for our fans to hear this new evolution of sound for us.
10/3/2014 | Tak Kitara
We have just released the a music video for Infinite Space. Visit the video section to watch it now!
6/17/2014 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo has just released their next single titled Infinite Space. You can download it for free in the store section.
4/16/2014 | Skylar Kitara
Interested in remixing Razorwire Halo's next Single? It's easy! Just email the RWH staff at and they will send you a remix pack by May 1st. Eligible remixes that are returned by June 6th will be featured on RWH's upcoming digital single due out this July. As always all of RWH's singles are free to download in the store section.
4/5/2014 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo has just released a new single titled "What We Have Done" from their latest full length album "The Occurrence". You can listen to it and download it for free from the official RWH site or listen to it on soundcloud right now.

Listen at soundcloud
4/1/2014 | Tak Kitara
Welcome to the new RWH site!
3/12/2014 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo is proud to announce RWH live with Powerman 5000 on May 17 in Merriam KS at Aftershock. Tickets are only $15 and be purchased directly from our site

1/13/2014 | Tak Kitara
Official Running in Reverse video has been released!
Visit the video section of our site to view the new video for Running In Reverse!!!
12/10/2013 | Skylar Kitara
The Occurrence has been released. RWH's 8th full length album is now available to listen to and purchase!
Click here to listen or visit the RWH online store to purchase the new album!
12/10/2013 | Tak Kitara
When you wake up tomorrow morning "The Occurrence" will be released!
12/10/2013 | Tak Kitara
RWH's 8th full length album is now available to listen to and purchase! Click here to listen or visit the RWH online store to purchase the new album!
12/10/2013 | Tak Kitara
Razorwire Halo will begin announcing tour dates in the next couple days for their upcoming [SURVIVOR] 2014 tour in support of their latest album "The Occurrence".